A Want to Live to the Extreme

I was browsing through my old albums in my hard drive and in my photobucket account and I found some pretty not-so-old photos of myself doing things I used to just dream about.

For instance. The time when we went Skiing and I decided to try snowboarding without realy thinking about whether I could do it or not.

My excuse: ” I can skateboard… it should more or less be the same damn thing”

So I just went ahead and tried it. Ended up crashing a couple times but it was worth it.  Here are some photos taken during that time.


Most of you would probably think that “Snowboarding? Big deal. That is not exciting.” Well have I got a treat for you.

Le Platform


Le me on le platform


Le me taking the plunge


bungee success!


Yes  I went bungee jumping too. And It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. The Adrenalin rush and the release of every stress every care and every bad and negative feelings was such an escape. This was the time I understood why some people have this wants to live life to the extreme.

We only have 1 shot at life and one life to live. Live it to the utmost max! Experience the world in every way you can. Discover new and exciting things!

What about you? What exciting things have you done and enjoyed?




  1. I couldn’t go bungee jumping… >.> But I miss snowboarding! So much fun but too expensiiive.
    Did you try horseback riding? You get a pretty good rush when you get to galloping. Though the best part is that special bond you get with your favorite horse. That is until they go out of business and have to sell him. Bleh. >.>

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