Bicycle Eclipse

Eclipse Playing Cards

A Product of:

Hidden Mirrors

Printed By:

United States Playing Card Company


Q1 325 Bicycle Stock


Magic Finish


Black deck with White borders | Bicycle Branded | Illusion

Features of the Eclipse Deck:

♣  – Custom Jokers that are face to face

♥   – Custom Tuck Box

♠   – Re-rendered in a different color Court cards

♦  –  Custom Back

♣  – White borders to prevent black deck chipping

♥  – “Eclipsed” pips  to make them easy to see

♥  – “Full Moon Aces” – The main pip on the Ace Cards are enlarged

Bonus Features Of The Eclipse Deck:

♥  – Double Back gaff  –  A card with the back art printed on both sides.

♠  – Double Face gaff  –  A Card with faces on both sides

No. of Decks Produced:



Raising funds on Kickstarter


May 27 2012

$7,409 riased

-May 25 2012-

$7,257 raised
$2,743   to go
$10,000 total needed

-May 15-

Help The Bicycle Eclipse Deck reach $8000 on kickstarter and all backer will receive a “Hidden Mirrors” Trick Bracelet with their pledge.

-May 10 2012-

Proofs arrive from USPCC

[click here to view photos of the Deck]


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