Brimstone Deck

Brimstone Deck Photos

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Brimstone Deck

A Product of

Circle City Cards Compnay

Printed By:

United States Playing Card Company


Q1 325 Bicycle Stock


Magic Finish


Alchemy | Ornate | Pirate *

Features of the Brimstone Deck:

  Custom Jokers with Reveal

   Custom Tuck Box

  Custom Court cards

  Custom Back

   Each card has metallic gold ink

Bonus Features Of The Brimstone Deck:

  Double Backed  –  A card with the back art printed on both sides.

  Falling Diamonds  –  You’ve broke the deck, all the diamonds fell down!

  Reveal  –  Joker holding the Three of Clubs in his hand.

  Instead of normal barcode numbers, the prediction  ‘0 3-0F-CLU85 0’  is printed.

No. of Decks Produced:


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