Revision 1

Revision 1 Deck


A Product of

Circle City Cards Compnay

Designed By:

Adam T. Clarkson

Printed By:

United States Playing Card Company


Q1 325 Bicycle Stock


Air Cushion Finish


Blueprint | Graphing paper | Drafting| Architecture/Engineering

Features of the Revision 1 Deck:

  Custom Jokers

  Custom Tuck Box

  Custom Face and Court cards

  Custom Back Design


Bonus Features Of The Revision 1 Deck:

  Double Backed – A card with the back art printed on both sides.

  1 of hearts – “1” is printed instead of an “A”

Mashed up cards – a bunch of several cards layered on top of each other appearing to be “mashed” together

Title Block Ad Card – Inspired by the ” labels” used by Architects/Engineers/Designers on their drafting projects

No. of Decks Produced:

(will get back to you on that)

Status of Deck:

Sold Out


(coming soon)

if there is some information here that is not accurate please feel free to contact me  krystlelane13 (at)