Eclipse Playing Cards

Bicycle Eclipse Photos

Eclipse playing cards

Eclipse playing cards Ace of Diamonds

Eclipse Playing Cards box mock up

Eclipse playing cards uncut face

Eclipse playing cards uncut back design


Bicycle Eclipse

Eclipse Playing Cards

A Product of:

Hidden Mirrors

Printed By:

United States Playing Card Company


Q1 325 Bicycle Stock


Magic Finish


Black deck with White borders | Bicycle Branded | Illusion

Features of the Eclipse Deck:

♣  – Custom Jokers that are face to face

♥   – Custom Tuck Box

♠   – Re-rendered in a different color Court cards

♦  –  Custom Back

♣  – White borders to prevent black deck chipping

♥  – “Eclipsed” pips  to make them easy to see

♥  – “Full Moon Aces” – The main pip on the Ace Cards are enlarged

Bonus Features Of The Eclipse Deck:

♥  – Double Back gaff  –  A card with the back art printed on both sides.

♠  – Double Face gaff  –  A Card with faces on both sides

No. of Decks Produced:



Raising funds on Kickstarter


May 27 2012

$7,409 riased

-May 25 2012-

$7,257 raised
$2,743   to go
$10,000 total needed

-May 15-

Help The Bicycle Eclipse Deck reach $8000 on kickstarter and all backer will receive a “Hidden Mirrors” Trick Bracelet with their pledge.

-May 10 2012-

Proofs arrive from USPCC

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