Krystle Lane

Taking a New Form

Hey everyone, long time no see. As you can see Behind Krystle Lane has been going through facelifts recently. Mainly because I am reorganizing my thoughts and goals for this blog of mine.

So here is a quick update on what is about to happen here. Recently the main activities happening in my life right now are Weight Loss (Thinspirational Journey), Dance, Cards, and uhm… thats it I guess… oh wait I’m into BENTO BOXES too! I’m learning the art of making those cute little boxed lunch as well. But I guess you can say my life is not so filled with activities. Well WRONG! Everything has been wonderful lately I couldn’t not ask for more… well maybe more cards.

So anyway, for this blog I’m going to focus on the new and upcoming deck designers that are popping out left and right in the Card-o-sphere. I’m still drafting the layout and the format in which the posts will be like, but maybe before the end of the week I will start posting some stuff.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’m a very very bored person,… Nah… just joking, (a little). I’m doing this because I have always been so curious about the people who design these beautiful 52 pieces of art. I think its about time the spotlights shine on the people who envision and design the cards. But like I said I need to ponder on it a little bit more in order for me to bring you guys the quality posts that will be interesting to read.  So that is it for now. Just stay tuned for more okay?

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


Lunch at Navena

Last Feb 20 my sister Dana, and I had lunch out to celebrate our reunion in Beijing. We ate lunch at Navena Cafe. 

This is what I had. A Navena Sandwhich with salad

Dana had  abreakfast platter because he said she loves breakfast even if it was already lunch time. 

It was all good. 


sorry for the brief post.


Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales 


Skype, Packing, and an Awesome SteamPunk Ring

Hey guys!
Just a little update on what has been happening.
As you all may or may not know. I am about to leave for Beijing, China and might be staying there indefinitely.  And as some of you heard, a lot of the blog sites and social media sites are not accesible there. But not to worry i have  a very quick fix to that.

So right now I am busy packing up stuff and whilst talking to my friends on Skype. Namely Josh Robinson and Alex (moon.exe)

They are some of my good friends in forums. Alex is from Canada and Josh is from Australia, really silly bunch.
I love them all!

Anyway I hate packing up stuff for a long term trip due to the limit in luggage allowance. Cathay pacific is generous enough to let us economy passenger 20-25kg of checked-in luggage and 7kg carry on luggage. But I still have a dilema on how to pack my stuff.

here is a peak at my messy room and me trying to pack:

Figuring out how to fit makeup jewelry and cards into my make up box

Triumphant.... well not quite yet


So as you can see I’m no where near done and its really really stressing me out. But not to worry, being a human being of this century.. I’m pretty good at doing last minute packs ^_^


on the light side of things I just wanted to share to you what I bought at Trixie’s Fashion Gallery

A nice steam punk ring


So there you have it. That is basically what has been up. i’m sorry for the lack of intellectual words. I’m just really tired of thinking of how the hell I will tackle all these stuff. But I hope you had a semi great time reading this post anyway.


I Fail to Realize How Awesome My Friends Are

in just a few more day i will be Leaving for Beijing, China and of course, just like anyone, I wanted to hang out with my friends before I left. So Cheyse, Ashely and I scheduled a meet at the Mall of Asia. We had tons of fun even if just for a brief moment because Cheyse had to go and cover an event at SMX then go to the Balloon festival at Clark Pampanga.

Had some pizza and Pasta at the Aveneto Pizzeria and talked and talked… like what most girls do. And right after our heavy meal we went on to take outfit photos. I was so not ready for that though. 😦 but nonetheless I joined in on the fun.

Sometimes fail to realize how cool and awesome and beautiful my friends are. I am truly going to miss them when I leave. But rest assure I will be visiting them as often as my budget will permit it ^_^