Miyun County

Pickings of Nature: Trip to Miyun

Hey everyone, its been a month since I last posted on Behind Krystle Lane. I have been very busy with Thinspirational Journey lately that I was not able to find the time to update this blog, plus nothing really INTERESTING is going on with my life beyond weight loss. But anyway I just wanted to share with you all something nice.

Last Wednesday we had a school trip to Miyun province to go fruit and vegetable picking. The parents tagged along too. I was able to practice photography using the School’s Canon camera. It was such a challenge because of the lighting of the area. I had a hard time adjusting the settings just to get the right exposure. I tried my best anyway.

This is teacher Kevin with Bibi. We got to sit at the very back of the bus. It was rather spacious and I was even able to practice some cardistry along the way.
Stopped for a bathroom break and stretched our legs a bit. The other students were even able to play around with bubbles.
Upon arrival at Miyun we had to walk about 5-10 minutes on this dirt road to get to the picking site. The children are to have partners so they don’t get separated. They are all really excited.
Despite have a rought start to our trip the parents were also have a blast. And of course took tons of photos of their children and their friends
It was not just the parents having a blast taking photos. We had our own mini photographer on site. Her name is Sunny. Her father is a professional photographer so of course what would any good father do? Give their child a nice DSLR to practice on while they are still young. ^-^
The other children are just exploring while waiting for the other people to arrive.
Father and daughter just goofing around while waiting for the go signal from the owners of the farm
This is Maria from my intermediate class. She said she loves strawberries and is trying to get all the ripe ones so she can stuff herself with yummy goodness.
The most beautiful strawberries I have ever seen in my entire life.
The tomatoes were huge. And very orange. I was lucky enough to get a photo of this one student from another class whose shirt is the same color as the fruits she is trying to pick.
That is David Lee, the children love him because he is such a big baby himself
They are posing for the camera of a parent but I managed to steal this shot from them. ^-^ I actually really like this one.

Tina is one of my fast learners in class, but she is also a very stubborn one. But I love them nonetheless. Oh and that is her twin sister Jana behind her.
And this is yours truely your Frustrated Photographer of the day. Trying hard not to get a whiff of an awful scent coming from the fields. It was really stinky outside the greenhouses. It smelled like rotting rats and dogs. (I did see a dead rat).
I hope you all enjoyed that. I will post part 2 next time.
Lara Novales