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Taking a New Form

Hey everyone, long time no see. As you can see Behind Krystle Lane has been going through facelifts recently. Mainly because I am reorganizing my thoughts and goals for this blog of mine.

So here is a quick update on what is about to happen here. Recently the main activities happening in my life right now are Weight Loss (Thinspirational Journey), Dance, Cards, and uhm… thats it I guess… oh wait I’m into BENTO BOXES too! I’m learning the art of making those cute little boxed lunch as well. But I guess you can say my life is not so filled with activities. Well WRONG! Everything has been wonderful lately I couldn’t not ask for more… well maybe more cards.

So anyway, for this blog I’m going to focus on the new and upcoming deck designers that are popping out left and right in the Card-o-sphere. I’m still drafting the layout and the format in which the posts will be like, but maybe before the end of the week I will start posting some stuff.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’m a very very bored person,… Nah… just joking, (a little). I’m doing this because I have always been so curious about the people who design these beautiful 52 pieces of art. I think its about time the spotlights shine on the people who envision and design the cards. But like I said I need to ponder on it a little bit more in order for me to bring you guys the quality posts that will be interesting to read.  So that is it for now. Just stay tuned for more okay?

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


Endless Possibilites

My sister and I are on a weight loss journey. Yes I have converted her to the dark side. 😛 I am into Thinspiration whilst she is on FitSpiration. Which is a very very good thing.

Anyway, Last March 30th my sis and I went to the GIANT park behind our condo complex and walked and ran and played and what not. Just had fun while burning the CARBS and FATS and CALORIES from our systems. It was fun and we plan to do it again.

this is my sister climbing up and down this “thing” in the exercise park. I took a photo while on the sit up bench and it turned out pretty okay.

I posted this photo on Jux as well so you really need to check it out.
If you are a photo blogger and you want a really good platform to showcase your photos in a beautiful way, JUX.COM is the place to go. ^_^

you can check mine out here at

Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales