Midnight Card Co.

Creating finely detailed playing cards to suit your Royal impulses


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Company Overview

  • Randy ButterfieldOwner of Midnight Card Company & Designer or the Ornate

Midnight Cards is focused on creating unique and colorful custom playing cards.
We are located in Indianapolis, IN and have many years of experience in the printing
and design industry. Our first set of decks, the ORNATE Sapphire and ORNATE Scarlet
are intricately detailed and have a Regal look to them. Playing cards fit for a King!


Exclusive interview of the owner and designer of the Ornate Playing Cards. Click here to read article

The Ornate playing cards full info page for B.K.L. (Behind Krystle Lane) will be published when the cards are released. So Stay tuned! – June 04, 2012

-Currently working on some surprise prizes for The Ornate contests after its release which is VERY SOON (hopefully)-

-The ORNATE Playing Cards are printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company on their Bee Card Stock with Magic Finish, and will be available soon.

[Click here to view early design stages of the Ornates Playing cards]

[Click here to see the info page of the Ornate Deck]

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